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Business Set Up, Thailand

The Task

Six month assignment to set up a new branch of a global language training franchise.

The Work

The role was given direct line responsibility for establishing a new branch for the franchise, including:

Human resources: recruitment, training, supervision and support of teaching and front-office staff, to build up a competent and stable team in line with demand
Operations and quality management: both in-house and off-site
Delegation: to work in fair manner to ensure all staff were assigned jobs that were appropriate to their abilities and that all had sufficient volumes of work to justify their basic income
Support: to ensure that all staff had adequate professional and material support, training, supervision and motivation to deliver quality services
Quality: to protect and affirm the franchise’s reputation as a top-end service provider
Marketing and sales: development of clear sales channels, including advertising and organisation of promotional activities off-site, training and support of front-office staff

The Outcome

Upon completion the business had successfully established a highly profitable branch for the franchise with a committed team of 15 multinational staff and a loyal customer base. Monthly sales revenue and business growth targets were consistently met and generally exceeded the best projections.

As a reult the contract was extended to facilitate the identification and induction of a new head of branch, which was completed on target two months later.

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