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Creative solutions for engaging audiences across cultural boundaries

Creative solutions for engaging audiences across cultural boundaries

Communicating your message to audiences across political and cultural borders is a delicate task and history can point a finger at many blunders… Branding and advertising campaigns that offend and enrage rather than inspire and engage the public, mishandling of media relations in the face of product recalls and lawsuits, failure to present your concerns to the relevant authorities. Don’t let it be you!

We can help you avoid these pitfalls by devising communication strategies that firmly take cultural and other systemic differences into account to preempt such issues from occurring in the first place.


Branding and advertising is usually designed with a specific target audience in mind. When entering a new market, it is therefore imperative that businesses check that the messages of their brand, packaging, labelling and advertising are culturally apt and attractive for their new target audience.

  • Our cultural transferability assessments (CTA) are designed to help our clients determine a) whether any such changes are necessary, b) define the items requiring change, and c) make recommendations where change is required. Generally-speaking, the more culturally and linguistic distinct the market is, the less likely it is that a straight-forward translation of the standard slogans will suffice. Similarly different visual preferences may require the change of images, layout and colour-schemes. Generally requiring no more than half a day, the CTA is a swift and cost-effective way to understand and manage any cultural obstacles to marketing your products in its current form.
  • Our cross cultural branding and localisation services can help make your products and services more culturally appealing and attractive
  • We can also help you identify the most suitable avenues for engaging your audiences – whatever your budget may .


We also have considerable experience in engaging governments and the media in Asia, and in association with our high-level network of contacts throughout the region, we offer crisis management services to represent your interests and minimise any potential damage in the face of regulatory and reputational risks.

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