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Country Briefings

The resources below are aimed at giving you a brief background on each country we cover. At the end of each country brief you will also find external links to additional sources providing useful information and data.

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(Union of Myanmar)

Traditionally one of Asia’s wealthiest countries, Burma has badly suffered from internal conflict and economic mismanagement by various military governments for over half a century, which has made it one of the world’s poorest states.

The “Burmese Path to Socialism” that was based on a philosophy of ethnic nationalism and …

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(Kingdom of Cambodia)

Cambodia’s is one of Asia’s poorest countries, but in recent years it has become an increasingly attractive destination for out-sourcing labour intensive production, especially textiles.

As one of the poorest countries in Asia, the country is characterised by extremely low levels of education, high levels of corruption and poverty, as …

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(People’s Republic of China)

China’s tremendous size and rate of economic growth have made it the top global investment destination and the second largest economy of the world after the USA, and it is predicted to regain its historical status as the world’s largest economy sometime after 2025.

Traditionally an agrarian society, …

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Hong Kong

(Special Administrative Region)

An open free-market economy with extremely low taxes, Hong Kong enjoys an almost unrivalled reputation as one of the world’s favourite investment destinations.

Situated around a deep natural harbour on China’s south coast, Hong Kong is one of two special administrative regions (SARs) of the People’s Republic of …

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(Republic of Indonesia)

The Indonesian economy is the world’s sixteenth largest by nominal GDP and fifteenth largest by purchasing power parity, yet it is often overlooked by foreign businesses.

As the World’s most populous Muslim country, with substantial Christian, Buddhist and animist communities. it has a history of ethnic tensions and …

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(Lao People’s Democratic Republic)

A land-locked country, larger than the UK in terms of land mass, but with a population smaller than Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of Laos is one of the world’s most underdeveloped countries.

Bordered by Burma and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to …

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(Federation of Malaysia)

Southeast Asia’s most developed country after Singapore, Malaysia is an upper middle income country which has proven itself resilient to economic shocks and rightly deserves its status as one of the most popular investment destinations in the region.

Malaysia consists of thirteen states and three federal territories separated …

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The Philippines

(Republic of the Philippines)

The Philippines has long underperformed in terms of economic development. Plagued by endemic corruption, economic stagnation, violent crime and secessionist movements by communist and muslim groups, its most famous export has been its own people.

In total it is estimated that almost 5 million Filipinos work throughout …

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(Republic of Singapore)

Singapore is a southeast Asian city-state situated on an island off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.

Combined with an open trade and investment environment, this geographical position has made the country a popular choice for many international companies using it as a gateway to less open …

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(Republic of China)

A highly modern and affluent economy, Taiwan is one of the “Four Asian Tigers” alongside Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore.

Officially known as the Republic of China, it is an island territory in east Asia, that is not recognised as an independent state by most members …

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(Kingdom of Thailand)

Thailand has long been a popular destination for foreign business, and continues to attract high levels of foreign investment.

A medium sized country, the size of its population is about the same as the UK and it boasts a highly diversified mixed economy, which offers both a growing consumer …

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(Socialist Republic of Vietnam)

With an estimated 91.5 million inhabitants as of 2012, Vietnam is the world’s 13th-most-populous country, and the eighth-most-populous Asian country.

Nominally still a socialist republic; Vietnam followed China’s lead in reforming its economy, taking a very similar gradualist approach with its Doi Moi renovation policy, initiated in …

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