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Training & Capacity Building Solutions

Go East Training is our training and human resource support division, offering a range of training and mentoring programmes to prepare your staff on all aspects of doing business and living in Asia, as well as recruitment solutions for short- and long-term assignments.

Providing your people with the training & assistance they need to succeed

Providing your people with the training & assistance they need to succeed

From cultural preparatory briefings to cross-cultural management programmes, we help your staff adjust to the challenges that they will face in both their professional and personal lives.

We provide both in-house and remote training courses on best practice for doing business overseas, cross-cultural negotiations and handling cultural sensitivities in managing multi-ethnic teams. Our courses include:

  • International Sales & Marketing

  • Sales Force Mentoring

  • Leadership & Management

  • Cross-Cultural Communications

  • Conflict Resolution

  • International Relocation

Grants of up to £1000 GBP in matched funding are available* for a number of our training and mentoring programmes (*for UK SMEs, subject to eligibility).

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Cross-Cultural Training Programmes

While exposure to differing cultural values, attitudes and behaviour is potentially a rewarding and enriching experience that can considerably add to the overall experience and competence of executives, it unfortunately very frequently poses challenges and obstacles for which they have not been adequately prepared.  This subsequently often leads to …

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