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Cross-Cultural Training Programmes

While exposure to differing cultural values, attitudes and behaviour is potentially a rewarding and enriching experience that can considerably add to the overall experience and competence of executives, it unfortunately very frequently poses challenges and obstacles for which they have not been adequately prepared.  This subsequently often leads to an increased sense of frustration, tension and stress for the individual executive, which may be manifested in higher levels of staff turnover and absenteeism, as well as lower levels of performance and productivity for the company concerned.

Recognising the need to minimise such problems by heightening the awareness and perception of executives about the importance of culture in the working environment, GO EAST Consulting offers a wide range of cultural induction programmes, both for foreign executives posted abroad, as well as locals Asian executives employed in international companies:

Cultural Orientation Preparatory Briefings (COPB)

Expatriate assignments for senior executives usually carry very high costs that can easily exceed 300% of the salary the executive received in the home country, especially when they are accompanied by their families.  As a large part of these costs is incurred the initial relocation process, it is imperative to minimise the risk of an early termination by assessing the cultural adaptibility of executives and their families, and giving them the best possible preparation them for a new life in another culture.

Led by a country expert, the Cultural Orientation Preparatory Briefings (COPB) are designed to provide the participants with a solid introduction to the “do’s and don’t's” of the culture they are about to be immersed in, and an opportunity to address all practical and psychological concerns they may have.

Countries covered include: China, Malaysia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries

Cross Cultural Management Training (CCMT)

Just as any other form of leadership, good cross-cultural management requires a great amount of finesse in balancing competing priorities against each other.  While respect and understanding for the values and sensibilities of other cultures is a very important tool for building a rapport with clients, in the context of the internal environment of a company, this must ultimately be tempered and often subordinated to business needs.

The Cross Cultural Managent Training (CCMT) programme is specifically designed to provide managers with the know-how and confidence to become effective cross-cultural leaders, who are able to develop a positive work environment that installs respect, commitment and a strong sense of belonging in all staff.

Cultural Awareness for International Business (CCAIB)

Increasing globalisation of business has created the opportunity for many Asian executives to work in an international environment in a number of different ways, such as direct employment by multi-national organisations or as a member of a local company possessing foreign trading or joint venture partners. However, due to cultural differences in working habits, professional relationships and expectations around obligations, they can often find this a very unsettling experience, with debilitating consequences for their motivation and sense of belonging.

The Cross-Cultural Awareness for International Business (CCAIB) programme is a one-day workshop designed to assist Asian executives in adapting to an international business environment and to enable companies to boost productivity through enhanced multi-national network relationships and team-building.  Participants are taught to identify how their own cultural values, sensibilities and expectations create preconceptions that are not necessarily shared or clear to others, and how slight modifications in verbal and non-verbal communications can be used to build a better rapport with international colleagues and clients.

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